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Maltodextrin – Vitamin C – Subtilisin –
Lipase – Cellulose


• The ENZYME CLEANSER is a two-in-one
cleansing foam and exfoliator
• Particularly ideal for oily and
combination skin
• The fine-grained powder transforms into
a soft foam once water is added,
providing a deep, yet gentle cleanse and
• A collection of enzymes works together
to loosen the conjunctions between
dead skin cells, helping to peel away dry
and rough skin, remove makeup, and
reduce excess sebum from pores
• The skin will appear revitalized and
smooth instantly after cleansing


Use 2 or 3 times a week to supplement
your daily cleansing routine. To use, place a
coin-sized amount of the powder in the
palm of your hand. Then add a little warm
water and work up into a gentle foam.
Smooth generously over your face (add
more water if necessary to develop a soft
foam), then rinse off.

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