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BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH DISTRIBUTES HAIR OILS: These half-eight boar’s hair and full-length nylon pins work for detangling, plus the bristles distribute hair oils from the roots out to the ends for shiny, healthier hair. If your hair is lacking in natural oils, use to distribute Argan oil applied to your hair. Boar bristles have been used since the 1800s to naturally acheive lusterous shine without chemicals. Movie stars of the past like Bacall, Hayworth, and Hepburn used boar bristle brushes.

SPECIAL CURVED DESIGN: Ever notice your head isn’t square or flat? So why are most hair brushes flat? Not only does this detangling brush fit the curve of your scalp, the curve and specially designed vent pattern work together to channel airflow to your hair which results in up to 20% faster drying time. The light weight curved design also enables the nylon pins to give your head a scalp massage to stimulate blood flow and hair growth while giving you a relaxing and meditative experience.

USE ON ALL HAIR TYPES: No matter what your hair type this brush can be used. Great for kids, painless detangling on wet or dry hair. Use on curly hair to relax the curls. Use on long, straight hair to add volume.The brush even works great on thick, natural African hair.

USE ON ALL TYPES OF HAIR-EXTENSIOONS: easy to use on your HairOverHeel clip-in extensions also for all kind of extensions form Tape-ins to Wefts and Bondings. Keeps your hair and the extensions tangle free and the bear bristols keeps the hair healthy

FEWER WASHES REQUIRED: Brush strokes add shine and reduces the number of washes you need by preventing oil buildup at the scalp so your hair doesn’t look weighed down and greasy. Unlike regular boar brushes you can use this one on wet or dry hair without ripping hair out or breaking it. If you want a brush that gives salon performance and is better than a standard paddle brush this is it.
Order now and while you are at it, get another for a friend or family member you love. This brush is perfect for men, women & kids

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – this brush can be used by men & women regardless the hair type. Fine hair can take advantage of the boar bristles stimulating natural hair oils for healthier hair, while thicker hair will enjoy the detangling features of this hair brush.

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