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The emergence of organic cosmetic lines in past years was brought about by a consumer consciousness for better health, environment and social responsibility. In fact, the concept of using organic ingredients for our makeup and skincare products is so simple, one will wonder what took us this long to realize that nature is beauty’s best ally.

Australian beauty label Grown Alchemist offers a clear and comprehensive explanation for this concept and why it actually work: “The body generally finds artificial ingredients incompatible, and as such, rejects them…every incompatible ingredient is identified by the body as toxic and rejected…some of these toxins are stored in fat cells which often trigger a reaction in the body known as oxidation. One of the side effects of oxidation is the production of free radicals. And as we know, free radicals increase the signs of ageing, causing dryness, fine lines and wrinkles…”

Products from Grown Alchemist use only organic ingredients, which have a higher antioxidant count than chemically-concocted serums out in the market today. Using expertise and experience, the Grown Alchemist team works to “bring in the science in beauty.” Natural ingredients like white tea, pomegranate or geranium leaf are usually combined with elastin boosting actives, advanced peptides and other natural compounds that help elevate the beauty regimen.

This simple, straightforward and efficiency-driven approach to beauty distinct to Grown Alchemist is also apparent in their hip and ultra modern packaging. The company labels its products in a way that is very easy for consumers to understand. Ingredients used in each jar, tube or bottle are made part of the product names, further reinforcing that there are no better alternatives to Mother Nature’s gifts. It also adds to the cult chicness of Grown Alchemist products, which are quickly becoming favorites of beauty aficionados the world over.

More recently, Grown Alchemist once again brought innovation to its product mix with the introduction of the Nutricosmetics line. These supplements were specifically formulated to help optimize skin health and create a “unique, natural and holistic beauty system.” When taken with your favorite Grown Alchemist topical products, they can harness the efficacy of these potent nutrients and actives.

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