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Natalie Franz’ successful career as a makeup artist took her around the world, and it was while working in Japan that she was introduced to the eye lifting stickers that have since become the namesake of her brand.

She has since added to the Magicstripes range with similarly innovative sheet masks, which enhance the skin or appearance quickly and effectively, and are comprised of the highest quality ingredients.

The brand’s products are used by famous musicians, actors and fashion models.

The entire line of unique products has been examined at the international research institute Dermatest, the latest developments in the field of cosmetology and cosmeceuticals are used in the production.

Products are based on hyaluronic acid and a special formula against most skin problems, including drooping of the eyelids, the formation of wrinkled nets, and reduction of turgor. They work effectively to eliminate the slightest flaw.

Magicstripes became one of the most popular brands of 2016 according to PEOPLE magazine. Products meet the highest international standards. All Magicstripes products are dermatologically tested and completely safe.

Parabens are not used in production, products are not tested on animals.

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